The Possibilities

 WBTT Heart and Soul Campaign  

Theatre Building

Imagine: A renovated theatre with comfortable, permanent seats in our beloved intimate setting, smaller lines for larger restrooms, upgraded dressing and rehearsal space for cast members, and improved parking facilities—all to enhance patrons’ theatergoing experience and actors’ working conditions. You won’t have to imagine much longer! Renovation has begun and the theatre is scheduled to reopen in January 2020 for our 20th Anniversary Season.

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Education & Outreach Building

Currently, the historic, 18,000 square-foot Education and Outreach building houses WBTT administrative staff, enables the troupe to have first-rate rehearsal space on the first floor and affords an incredible view of the Sarasota skyline with a rooftop terrace. We  preserved the charming outside. The Education and Outreach Building is now a usable, productive space with rooms for on-site education programs and entertainment areas as well as for administrative offices that relocated from downtown.

Endowment for Performing Arts Center, Artist Development, Education and Outreach

The endowment’s annual income will provide funds for:

  • Future capital repair and replacement
  • One-to-one mentoring and training programs for aspiring minority artists
  • Internships for developing artists each season
  • Outreach programs to schools and senior communities
  • Adult education programs and artistic training programs for minority youth