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[NEWS] "Arts on the Horizon 7-2018" - Rodger Skidmore, Siesta Sand

[TV] "Suncoast FYI: June 15th, 2018" - Nancy O'Neil, SNN
Julie and Nate are interviewed

[TV] "We Preview a Fun Family Musical with The Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe" - Suncoast View, ABC 7

[RADIO] "Suncoast Speaks_0616" - Chuck Englund, WLSS
Our segment begins at 25:55

[NEWS] "Sarasota County awards $2 million in arts grants" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "WBTT presents 'Rockin' Down Fairytale Lane'" - Sarasota Patch

[NEWS] "WBTT brings summer musical theatre intensive to area youth" - Sarasota Patch

[REVIEW] "Joel P.E. King's 'Real Life' wrestles with life-and-death issues" - Marty Fugate, The Observer

[TV NEWS] "Hip Hop Opera in Sarasota" - Jessika Ward, SNN TV

[REVIEW] "Theater Review: Rhythmic and gritty ‘Real Life’ needs some trimming at Westcoast" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[PREVIEW] "Hip-hopera ‘Real Life’ explores urban life at Westcoast Troupe" - Susan Rife, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[TV] "Suncoast View 5.30.2018" - ABC 7
Nate co-hosts, Joel P.E. King and artists from "Real Life" appear and perform

[EVENTS] ARTbeat 5.31.2018" - Andrea Knies, Arts & Cultural Alliance
"Real Life" is listed

[NEWS] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe presents ‘WBTT Voices’ community forum" - Don Britt,