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[NEWS] "Icon Melba Moore Joins WBTT for "Lady Day" and Voices" - Phil Lederer, SRQ Daily

[NEWS] "Tony winner Melba Moore talks about her career at WBTT" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "Valentine at the Ritz-Carlton" - Gayle Guynup, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "Visible Men awards dinner makes an impact" - The Observer

[NEWS] "WBTT presents Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill" - Sarasota Patch

[NEWS] "Melba Moore captivates the audience during 'WBTT Voices' program" - Sarasota Patch

[NEWS] "The show goes on for Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe understudies" - Niki Kottmann, The Observer

[REVIEW] "The Mountaintop" - Marie Kilker,

[NEWS] "Judge Charles Williams and Attorney Charlie Ann Syprett Stand Up for Diversity" - Cooper Levey-Baker, Sarasota Magazine

[PREVIEW] "WBTT play looks at last few hours of Martin Luther King’s life" - Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald

[NEWS] "Westcoast offers special performances of ‘The Mountaintop’" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[PREVIEW] "Martin Luther King’s last night dramatized in ‘The Mountaintop’" - Bob Massey, Charlotte Florida Weekly

[PREVEW] "Arts on the Horizon: 1.17.2018" - Rodger Skidmore, Siesta Sand

[REVIEW] "Theater Review: Fine actors reach The Mountaintop’ in King play at WBTT" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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