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[TV] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Rolls Out New Season" - Lynden Blake, SNN 6
Julie is interviewed

[NEWS] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Announces 2017-18 Season" - Kay Kipling, Sarasota Magazine

[PREVIEW] "Westcoast’s ‘60s ‘Girl Groups’ celebrates empowerment" - Dahlia Ghabour, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe gets ambitious in new season" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[TV] Suncoast View February 23, 2017 - ABC 7
Nate co-hosts, Michael Mendez performs (segment starts at 40:55)

[NEWS] "The Local SCENE" - Sue Engelhart, SCENE Magazine
2017-2018 season announcement blurb

[PREVIEW] "WBTT takes a fresh look at the girl groups of the 1960s" - Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald

[NEWS] "Young WBTT Dancer Named YoungArts Finalist" - Kay Kipling, Sarasota Magazine

[NEWS] "WBTT dancer named a National YoungArts Finalist" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[PREVIEW] "Family spars over heirloom in Wilson's 'Piano Lesson' at Westcoast" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "Arts organizations celebrate proudest achievements of 2016" - Carrie Seidman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[EVENTS] "Arts: Opening This Week" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune
"The Piano Lesson" is the lead item

[NEWS] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe showcases Victoria Byrd" - Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald

[NEWS] "Top Story - August: Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe plans expansion" - David Conway, The Observer

[NEWS] "A look at area performing arts in 2016. It wasn't such a bad year after all" - Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald

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