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Soul Crooners Solid Gold: Oct 9, 2024 - Nov 17, 2024

Soul Crooners Solid Gold

Oct 9, 2024 - Nov 17, 2024

Soul Crooners Solid Gold Edition was created and adapted by Founder and Artistic Director Nate Jacobs and has been pivotal in the success of WBTT. The show is a celebration of the music that ushered in a new era of soul during the 1970s and has not been featured on the main stage since its debut in 2009. Soul Crooners is a guaranteed dance-in-your-seats, sing-along, sensational good time.

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Fences by August Wilson: January 15, 2025 - Feb 23, 2025

Fences by August Wilson

January 15, 2025 - Feb 23, 2025

August Wilson had a massive impact on Broadway with his play Fences, the story of a responsible, yet otherwise flawed, black garbage collector in pre-Civil Rights America. Deemed a "generational play," it mirrors the classic struggle of status quo, tradition, and age, versus change, innovation, and youth. Fences is one of the most significant African American plays of the 20th century.

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Five Guys Named Moe: March 5, 2025 - April 6, 2025

Five Guys Named Moe

March 5, 2025 - April 6, 2025

An exuberant tribute to the music of rhythm and blues pioneer Louis Jordan, Five Guys Named Moe features incredible dance numbers and a wonderful musical score. Our hero, Nomax is broke, and his lovely Lorraine has left him. As he listens to the radio at 5:00 in the morning five guys named Moe appear and encourage Nomax to turn his life around and tell Lorraine that he loves her.

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Syncopated Avenue – World Premiere Show: April 16, 2025 - May 25, 2025

Syncopated Avenue – World Premiere Show

April 16, 2025 - May 25, 2025

WBTT produces its first ever tap revue in this original musical journey through the captivating and entertaining world of tap dance. The show takes us to an avenue where all things flourish with rhythm, style and class. This innovative musical offers new songs and features an exciting repertoire of unique arrangements on popular jazz tunes by iconic composers such Duke Ellington, Eubie Blake and Irving Berlin.

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Motown Christmas: Nov 27,2024 - January 5, 2025

Motown Christmas*

Nov 27,2024 - January 5, 2025

Just about everyone enjoys some type of Christmas music during the holidays. And WBTT loves to present a special holiday show as its Christmas card to the community. This year, Motown Christmas will grace the main stage and have you dancing in your seat to a variety of holiday tunes — the kind we all love singing along with. WBTT’s sizzling signature style makes this a most memorable Christmas treat that’s fun for the whole family!

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