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photo of people dancing.Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is seeking actors for our upcoming 2024-2025 Season!
We are looking for talented, professional, and friendly people to work with!
We are excited for our lineup for this season as it is our 25th anniversary!

Once our season is announced we will post the shows and casting breakdowns!


We will be having our general season auditions on Saturday, April 27, 2024 and Sunday, April 28, 2024. The times will be from 1pm – 5pm on both days. There is a mandatory dance call at 5:10pm on both days – we need to see you move! We will be having in-person callbacks at 5:45pm on both days – you will be notified that day if you are called back for in-person callbacks. To be clear, the mandatory dance call is not a callback. Auditions will be held in our administrative building; we will have a check-in table to confirm your audition time or to sign you up if you are a walk-in. Once checked in please wait in our first studio and then our Casting Coordinator will take you to the directors for your audition.

We highly suggest arriving early for your audition just in case we are running ahead of schedule!

If you cannot make the callback, please do notify the Casting Coordinator, Donovan Whitney. We may be able to schedule you the following day or we can accept a video submission.

We will be scheduling actors for in-person auditions. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your audition. The Casting Coordinator will send out a confirmation email of the date and time for your audition.

We do accept walk-ups auditions! But please note that spaces may be limited due to signups.

All actors that come for auditions must park in our gravel parking lot – we will be having a performance running at the same time and our parking lot will be for our patrons.

AEA actors please be sure to bring your Equity Card.


Please prepare either two contrasting contemporary monologues (no more than 4 minutes in length total) OR a monologue (no more than 2 minutes) and 32 bars of a song. We will have live accompaniment available so please bring sheet music or you can sing acapella. Please do not bring a track.

Please bring 5 copies of your headshot and resume stapled together back-to-back preferably! These are for all the directors and casting.

PLEASE NOTE! Our directors may want to see you do your monologue or song again, or they may give a slight adjustment. Please do be open and flexible!

WHAT TO WEAR Please wear what best represents you but please do note for the mandatory dance, wear dance clothes and dance shoes! 


Founder & Artistic Director of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe – Nate Jacobs

WBTT Resident Choreographer – Donald Frison

WBTT Education Director – Jim Weaver

WBTT Resident Director – Chuck Smith

WBTT Guest Director – Dr. Luther Wells

WBTT Casting Coordinator – Donovan Whitney


For Video Submissions please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please also be sure to attach your updated headshot and resume with your submission. 

Either two contrasting monologues (not to exceed 4 minutes total please) OR 32 bars of music and one monologue (not to exceed 2 minutes please). YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or Google Drive are acceptable to submit your video. 

Please do slate your name and where you’re based. Please be sure to have your video properly framed and well-lit so we can see your face, as well as making sure we can hear you - especially if you’re auditioning with a song! 


For scheduling auditions please send an email to our Casting Coordinator, Donovan Whitney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also call him on his cell to schedule an audition 317-615-0956 during business hours Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm. 


Saturday, April 27th 2024 1pm - 5pm


• CALLBACKS at 5:45pm

Sunday, April 28th 2024 1pm – 5pm


• CALLBACKS at 5:45pm


We will be accepting walk-ins. We will have sign-up sheets for both Equity and Non-Equity actors. 


Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
1012 N Orange Ave, Sarasota FL 34236

In-person auditions will be taking place in our rehearsal studios located in our Administrative Building! It is the smaller building with a ramp leading up to it. Please enter through the double doors and check in at the front desk. Once checked in please wait for your scheduled audition time. 

We advise actors to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled audition in case we are running ahead of schedule.  


We have a gravel parking lot right across the street from of our mainstage space. Please use this parking as we will be having our patrons use our main parking lot those days for our shows – we have our mainstage production going on this audition weekend. 


We understand actors may be coming from out of town, so we plan to hold callbacks on both days of auditions, 5:45pm – 6:30pm. If leaving and coming back for your callback is not feasible for you – please let us know and we can work around this. 

These callbacks will take place where auditions were – in our rehearsal studios. Please wear clothes and shoes you would be comfortable to dance in! 

If called back you do not need to bring another copy of your headshot and resume, we have that from earlier. 

We will not be providing feedback on auditions. 

See production dates in breakdown.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Housing: We provide housing with a private bedroom and shared common areas. FREE laundry onsite.  

Flight: We will provide roundtrip airfare (coach class). We will reimburse you up to 2 checked bags.

Local transportation: We try to place actors in walking distance of our theatre. If placed further away we will provide transportation to the theatre. We also have shared company vehicles if you have personal auto liability insurance and pass a background check.


Equity actors of all ethnicities and gender identifications for roles in Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe’s 2024-2025 Season (see breakdown).

Equity encourages everyone participating in the auditions to wear a two-ply cloth face mask, surgical mask, singer’s mask or respirator (N95, KN95 or KF94). Single-ply face masks, gaiters and bandanas are not recommended. 

Equity encourages members to prepare for their audition prior to arriving at the audition venue, to the extent that they can (e.g., get dressed, hair/make-up, etc.) to avoid crowding in bathrooms and dressing rooms.


All auditioners should prepare two contrasting monologues (not to exceed 4 minutes total please). If auditioning for a musical then prepare 1 monologue (no longer than 2 minutes please) and 32 bars of music (in the correct key). Please bring sheet music - a pianist will be available. Please provide five copies of your headshot and resume stapled back to back. 


Coconut Cake (2024 summer production)

Director: Dr. Luther Wells 

Rehearsals: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 to Wednesday, June 11, 2024 (4 weeks) 

Production Run: Wednesday, June 11 to Sunday, June 23, 2024 (2 weeks)

Total performances: up to 15


EDDIE - African-American male. Semi-retired. Handsome but frail. Married to Iris, yet refuses to change his "ladies man" ways. Late 60s

JOE - African-American male. Retired, know it-all. Self-proclaimed jack of all trades. Eddie's best friend. His views on women, marriage, or life provide entertainment. Wears his money.  Struts when he walks. Early 70s

MARTY - African-American male. Retired steel worker and ex-con turned church deacon. Spiritual voice of reason. Mid-70s

HANK - Caucasian male. Retired. Unassuming. Marty's brother-n-law.  Recent widower. Struggles with loneliness which clouds his judgement. Early 70s

GOTDAMNIT - African-American male. Mentally ill. Beggar. Omniscient. Often speaks with the speed of his thoughts.  Early 60s

Are you willing to understudy? Yes or No

Soul Crooners

Director: Nate Jacobs 

Rehearsals: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2024 to Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2024 (4 weeks) 

Production Run: Wednesday, Oct. 9 to Sunday, Nov. 17, 2023 (5 weeks); 2 show days on November 16 and 17 
(Nov 12, 13, 14, and 15 no shows due to gala)

Total performances: 37


Strong African-American male singers that can move well

Are you willing to understudy? Yes or No

Motown Christmas (Holiday Production) 

Director: Nate Jacobs 

Rehearsals: Tuesday, October 29th, 2024 to Wednesday, November 27th 2024 (4 weeks)

Production Run: Wednesday, November 27th 2024 – Sunday, January 5th 2025 (5 weeks); No rehearsal and no performance 11/28 (Thanksgiving); No Shows: December 24, 25, 31 and January 1; Matinee Preview on 11/27

Total performances: 35


10 ensemble, 5 men and 5 women - Very strong singers that can also move very well

Are you willing to understudy? Yes or No


Director: Chuck Smith 

Rehearsals: Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2024 to Wednesday, Jan 15, 2025 (5 Weeks)

Production Run: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2024 to Sunday, Feb. 23, 2025 (5 weeks); No rehearsal December 24, 25, 31 and
January 1; No show January 19th 2025

Total performances: 39


Troy Maxson - Early 50’s large, loud, ex-Negro League star who lost his way in life but recovered.

Jim - Bono Troy’s friend around the same age, a Troy wanta be.

Rose - Troy’s wife 

Lyons - Troy’s oldest son 

Gabriel - Troy’s younger brother 

Cory - Troy and Rose’s son, an athletic high school senior type.

Raynell - Troy’s daughter – must be a talented female youth who can play a 7-10 year old girl.

Are you willing to understudy? Yes or No

Five Guys Named Moe

Director:  Jim Weaver

Rehearsals: Tuesday, Feb. 4th 2025 to Wednesday, March 5th, 2025 (4 Weeks)

Production Run: Wednesday, March 5th 2025 to Sunday, Apr. 6, 2025 (5 weeks); No show March 31, April 1 due to event; April 2 is 2-show day

Total performances: 33  


Big Moe - A mature man of significant size and stature. A somewhat fatherly figure with a commanding presence. He is Authoritative/Stern/Wise/Single. Vocal range is Bari/Tenor (C3-A4). Vocal style is jazz/pop style and a strong mover. 

Little Moe - As the name implies, a man who is physically on the smaller/shorter side. He has a no-nonsense approach to life; a straight shooter who is Sensitive/Short-Tempered/Respectful and a Feminist. Vocal range is Tenor (C3-A4). Vocal style is jazz/pop and a strong mover. 

Four Eyed Moe - This Moe is a mature man but a bit on the zany side; an energetic jokester who loves to tease and bewilder. He is a Confident/Self-Assured/Irreverent/Magnetic leader and wears oversized glasses throughout. Vocal range is Bari/Tenor (C3-G4) with a strong falsetto. Vocal style is jazz/pop and a strong mover. 

Eat Moe - A high energy personality who constantly eats to replenish what he has burned off. He is Optimistic/Cheery/Hungry/Positive and Merry. Vocal range is Bari/Tenor (A#2/Bb2 – Ab4). Vocal style is pop/jazz and a strong mover. 

No Moe - A logical/analytical thinker with a somewhat reserved personality. He is Conservative/Strait-laced/High Class with a sense of humor. Vocal range is Bari/Tenor (C3-G4). Vocal style is jazz/pop and a strong dancer (potential for a tap solo). 

Nomax - A young adult man who has recently broken up with his girlfriend. He is very naïve about life and needs schooling to open his eyes to the direction he is headed. Currently he is Gloomy/Depressed/Heartbroken/Self-Absorbed/Alcoholic/Blue. Vocal range is Bari/Tenor (G#2/Ab2–G4). Vocal style is jazz/pop and a strong mover.

Are you willing to understudy? Yes or No

Syncopated Avenue

Director: Nate Jacobs

Rehearsals: Tuesday, Mar. 11th 2025 to Wednesday, Apr. 16th  2025 (5 Weeks)

Production Run: Wednesday, Apr. 16th 2025 to Sunday, May 25th, 2025 (6 weeks) 

Total performances: 40


10 ensemble, 5 men and 5 women - Very strong singers and strong tap dancers. 

Are you willing to understudy? Yes or No

PLEASE NOTE: Video submissions will need to include a dance reel or a self-tape of you dancing.