Teresa Stanley Teresa Stanley appeared in her first major musical, Purlie, directed by Nate Jacobs. Rave reviews inspired her to continue performing in a variety of the troupe's musicals, including Ain’t Misbehavin, Eubie and Dreamgirls. Seeking her dreams outside of the community, since her years with WBTT, Teresa has toured internationally with "The New York Harlem Singers" and nationally with "The Broadway Church Ladies.” In 2007 Teresa was cast in The Color Purple on Broadway, playing countless roles. Later, she performed in the first national tour of Rock of Ages and was brought back to Broadway by the show’s producers to assume the principle role of Justice/Mother. With the recent close of the long-running Broadway show, Teresa is pleased to return home to appear in this original production. Teresa thanks Nate for seeing the gift in her and her mother for unconditional love and support.