Soul Man: A Musical Review

As the 1960s Civil Rights movement unfolded, black music evolved from the controlled Motown performances to fiery cross rhythms sound—a little gospel, a lot of soul. The passionate soloists, such as James Brown, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, added energetic movements and unique vocalizations that inspired many future performers. Soul Man will feature some of WBTT’s most popular male performers.


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cast and creative:

Ariel Blue (Diamond)

Derric Gobourne Jr . (Breezy)

Michael Mendez* (Soulman 2)

Raleigh Mosely II (Soulman 4)

Leon S. Pitts II* (Soulman 3)

Sheldon Rhoden* (Soulman 1)

Henry Washington (Soulman 5)