Naming Opportunities


Theatre Arts Center

Theatre Building (Fulfilled)
Education and Outreach Building
Named Endowment Fund

Mainstage Theatre (Fulfilled)
Courtyard (Fulfilled)
Theatre Lobby/Reception Hall
Named Endowment Fund

Second Stage (Fulfilled)
Lobby Bar (Fulfilled)
Rooftop Terrace (Fulfilled)
Named Endowment Fund

Main Theatre Lobby Entrance (Fulfilled)
Mainstage Theatre Lighting System

Theatre Box Office (Fulfilled)
Theatre Stage (Fulfilled)
Women’s Cast Dressing Room (Fulfilled)
Men’s Cast Dressing Room
Mainstage Theatre Sound System
Courtyard Theatre Lobby Entrance
Green Room
Women’s Restroom (Fulfilled)
Men’s Restroom
Named Endowment Fund

Second Stage Lobby Entrance
Named Endowment Fund

Theatre Seating Sections
(House Right still available)
Prop Shop (Fulfilled)
Costume Shop (Fulfilled)
Named Endowment Fund

Stage Manager Booth (Fulfilled)
Costume Collection
Principal Artist Dressing Rooms (Fulfilled)
Mainstage Band Room (Fulfilled)
Mainstage Sound Booth
Second Stage Sprung Floor
Second Stage Lighting
Second Stage Sound System
Education and Outreach Building
    Staff Offices (5) 

Toilet Stalls in Women’s Restroom (1 remaining)
Toilet Stalls in Men’s Restroom (2 remaining)

Principal Artist Dressing Station (1)

Theatre Seat
Women’s Ensemble Dressing Stations (7)
Men’s Ensemble Dressing Stations (8)

Courtyard paver

As of April 30, 2019