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[REVIEW] "Theater Review: 'Spunk'" - Marty Fugate, The Observer
Highlight quote: "The troupe's performers are all on their A-game. These mercurial actors turn into different characters at the drop of a hat and never miss a beat."

[REVIEW] "Stirring 'Spunk' reveals growth in Westcoast Troupe"- Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe presents 'Spunk'" - Sarasota Patch

[NEWS] "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe presents 'Spunk' - Tampa Bay Newswire

[NEWS] "'Spunk' opens at Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe in Sarasota" - Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald

[NEWS] "Executive director resigns from Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "Richard Parison, executive director of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, resigns" - Nick Reichert, The Observer

[EVENT] "WBTT's April Fools' Fete" - Debbi Benedict, The Civilized Life blog

[PHOTO GALLERY] "WBTT April Fools' Fete" - Sarasota Magazine

[TV SEGMENT] "Suncoast View" - Christopher Eisenberg, Nate Jacobs
WBTT segment comes on at around 34:46

[NEWS] "Westcoast Troupe to revive first show" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

[NEWS] "15 years later, Cotton Club Cabaret returns to Sarasota" - Undine Shorey, Bradenton Times

[OPINION] "Easter: A time for rebirth and creativity" - Maria Clemente, Baltimore Post Examiner
Attendee at the Florida Creativity Conference in Sarasota meets Nate Jacobs, writes column about similarities between idea of rebirth in the spring to Nate's "birthing" of WBTT.

[NEWS] "Teresa Stanley will share her story in special WBTT program" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune