WBTT 20th Anniversary Season

Vinnette Carroll's Your Arms Too Short to Box with God; February 26 to March 17. 2020; Book by Vinnette Carroll; Music and Lyrics by  Alex Bradford and Micki Grant; Directed by Harrry Bryce

Based on the Book of Matthew, this soaring celebration in song and dance tells the story of Jesus, his apostles, and the women who inspired, followed and consoled him. From parables to miracles, from crucifixion to resurrection, it’s a tale of love, betrayal and redemption, told through rousing gospel music. Our production celebrated the show’s creator, Vinnette Carroll — the first African American woman to direct a show on Broadway.

Your Arms Too Short to Box with God was originally scheduled to run until April 5, 2020.


CLICK HERE to watch the emotional finale of the show on the night it closed early due to COVID-19 — March 17, 2020.


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Graphic design by Paula Murray, Artefact Design
Video by Bill Wagy Productions
Photos by Sorcha Augustine